about us

We at enter dresden are always happy to help. Together with our team of highly professional consultants, we always strive to respond to the specific individual needs of our clients. If you’d like to find out who is behind the friendly email or phone call, click here to put a name to a face!

  • Lucy Jacobs

    Lucy shares management of the company with Karin and is mainly responsible for relocation services. She’s a native of the United States of America and holds a degree (BA) in Germanic Studies. Past professional experience as office manager, sales coordinator and product manager play a role in her daily management. 

    Lucy is also the company’s rental market specialist. Her own relocation to Germany in 1991 sensitized her for the challenges of an international assignment. Lucy is lively and bright, and truly unmistakable in her tireless and passionate support of our clients.

    Karin Schanz

    Karin is the second managing director at enter dresden and responsible mainly for immigration services. Years of experience in this sector make her a true specialist. She learned during her own stays abroad in the USA and Great Britain what it means to move to a foreign country and face the challenges that an international assignment brings.

    Karin holds a degree in Business Administration and worked in the hospitality and catering sector as well as trade-fair construction before joining the relocation industry. Karin’s warm spirit and her interest in intercultural exchange are evident in various projects, among others the International Ladies Group Dresden, which she founded in 1997.